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Christmas season is just around the corner, and that means everyone will be busy shopping for gifts. People usually go to shopping malls to buy presents, which are usually material things. If you want to go a different route this holiday season, why don’t you donate to an animal charity instead?

animal charity

Most people receive gifts every year, and not just once. However, rescue animals don’t, and they are also living creatures that need love and affection. After all, Christmas is the season of giving, so giving a gift to an animal in need will truly make you feel the essence of this holiday.

Here are some ideas on how you can help rescue animals:

1. Contact your local shelter

Shelters and animal sanctuaries are full of animals that have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. They usually lack staff and supplies to cater to all the animals under their care.

You can contact your local shelter and ask about their volunteer and animal charity programs. They usually need help in walking dogs, cleaning the quarters, or feeding the animals. Or, you can ask what supplies they need, such as food, blankets, animal shampoos, or toys.

2. Use your talents and hobbies

Volunteering your talents and hobbies are a great idea as well. If you don’t have a lot of time to be a committed volunteer animal shelter, you can use your talents and hobbies to help.

If you’re good at photography, you can take beautiful pictures of the rescue animals to help them get adopted faster. Or, if you have plenty of social media followers, you can promote the shelter and encourage people to visit there.

3. Donate to an animal charity

Aside from your precious time and talents, donating monetary aid to shelters and sanctuaries are of tremendous help. Most of these are animal shelter non profit organization, so they need all the help they can get to keep running.

The donated money is used to buy food and supplies, pay for vet bills, and keep their facilities functional. There are different types of donations that sanctuaries and shelters have. You can either make a one-time donation, a monthly pledge, or an animal sponsorship.

Why should you donate and volunteer in shelters and sanctuaries?

Just like any living being, animals need to be loved and taken care of as well. Unfortunately, there are several animals in the world that are neglected and fighting for survival. Aside from ensuring that you do not contribute to this cruelty, the best thing you can do is to donate or volunteer.

Animals have no voice; therefore, they cannot fight for their rights. It is up to us to see to their welfare. If you want to know how to help, you can check out Animal Charity Evaluators.

Furthermore, spending time with animals is proven to be good for your overall well-being. Even if you don’t adopt one, you can still visit shelters and sanctuaries. You can also spread the love by encouraging family and friends to adopt instead of shopping for animals.

This Christmas, give rescue animals a fighting chance at life by donating to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. Check out their website to learn more.

3 things you have to do to become…

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So you’ve finally decided to do dog walking full-time. You love dogs to death and you want to do something that’s fun and totally up to your alley. Dog walking can be a really lucrative especially in larger communities where demand is high. Most pet owners simply do not have enough time and would want someone to look after their beloved pooch. Now with social media and the internet, searching online for ‘dog walker near me’ gives them a range of professional walkers to choose from. If this is something you really want to do, read on.

dog walker near me

Do your research

Knowledge is power as the old adage goes. When deciding to go into the dog walking business, or any other business for that matter, you should learn as much information about it as possible. Going in headfirst without some sort of a plan is a recipe for disaster. You can start by talking to current dog walkers about their experience so far. Learn about the challenges they faced and how they overcame it. Talking to them can give valuable insight that will help you along the way. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as posting an ad online and hoping somebody clicks on your name when they search for ‘dog walker near me’.

Get trained!

It’s not as simple as searching online for ‘pet walking jobs near me’. It’s not enough that you love dogs to be successful in the dog walking business. You need to have certain skills and competencies in order to effectively fulfill your role. Though the love for your furry clients will surely add more value to your service. The loved for dogs coupled with science-based knowledge and techniques will vastly improve the service that you give.

You can enrol through various dog walking training courses available. Most dog walking services Brisbane offers will teach you the techniques and methods to effectively manage dogs. They will also teach you what to do in certain situations and emergencies like basic animal first aid. Be sure to discuss with the training provider any concern that you have.  Check Spot The Dog Walker for more details.

You can then market online and through social media about the services that you offer. If you are part of a company, this might be already done for you which saves you the trouble. Some might find you by googling ‘dog walker near me’ though the chances for that are slim especially if you’re new. What’s more effective is word of mouth and referrals from previous customers.

Stay healthy and fit

Dog walking can be a physically demanding job for some. There will be days where you have to walk several different dogs in a day to meet demand. For a dog walker, your health is your weapon of choice. You need to be physically fit to walk for miles and in almost any weather condition. You should also be able to contain and control your dogs which can be pretty difficult for bigger breeds. Always remember to get adequate rest and to always hydrate.

Work with a highly credible dog walker company now!

Spot Dog Walker is one of the best dog walking Brisbane Northside has to offer. They hire and train aspiring and passionate dog walkers. Learn more when you visit

Want to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy…

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Regardless of their rowdiness sometimes, dogs can give us the stress-relief we need after a long and stressful day at work. And there’s probably nothing else we’d want our pets to enjoy than a long and happy life. If you’re looking forward to keeping your canine companions fit and happy for a long time, give them the care they need. Yes, this should start with proper grooming and giving them the essentials they need, such as treats, beds, and a dog robe. Aside from these basic ones, the following insights might also help:

  1. Keep them safe.

As you would for your loved ones, upholding the safety of your pets is also a must. A dog ID tag is a must-wear item. Or if you prefer your pets to stay at home, be sure to secure them in a cage or with a leash. This will help control their whereabouts around the house.

  1. Choose the right grooming products for them.

As much as you’d love to buy your pets a chic dog robe, you should also prioritize the quality of their grooming products. Opt for those hypoallergenic ones to maintain your pets’ hair for them to look gorgeous. Use the right conditioner apt for their hair to ensure they won’t shed off frequently. You could also use fragrances to keep them smelling fresh, especially if you’ve invited guests at home.

  1. Take them for a walk regularly.

Regular exercise is a must for dogs as much as it’s a must for humans. By taking them for a walk, they’d be able to explore other surroundings aside from the outdoor area at home. Or if they’re still young, placing them in a doggy stroller and taking to the nearby park might help. See more at Bitch New York

  1. Avail of preventive health care for them.

Availing of pet insurance would be wise. Parvovirus, rabbies, distemper, ticks, and parasites are the common health conditions dogs experience. But with the right coverage, you’ll have some form of financial support whenever your pets experience these health conditions. A coverage could also cover vaccinations and regular checkups. These are great preventive healthcare services that could save you from costly pet medications and hospitalization. It’s also good to buy durable dog carriers for you to have an easy way to carry your pet during emergencies.

  1. Be cautious with their diet.

Your dogs’ foods and eating habits could also affect their lifespan. Regardless if they beg so adorably for the following foods, don’t ever give these to them for the sake of their health:

  1. Grapes and raisins
  2. Onions and garlic
  3. Fatty meat and bacon
  4. Salty foods
  5. Chocolate
  6. Raw eggs, meat, and fish
  7. Milk, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products.

It’s also good to just shop for dog food and treats, instead of giving them your leftover foods. Doing this helps ensure that they’re nourished well.

Your pets deserve the care they need for them to enjoy a long and healthy life. And you need not worry about where to get the pet care items you need, be it the dog robe, treats, clothing, and grooming products. You can easily browse the online store of Bitch New York, place your orders, and have the products shipped to your house. For more details, check it out at: