Want to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy for a Long Time? Here’s What to Do

David | October 31, 2019 | 0 | Pets & Animals

Regardless of their rowdiness sometimes, dogs can give us the stress-relief we need after a long and stressful day at work. And there’s probably nothing else we’d want our pets to enjoy than a long and happy life. If you’re looking forward to keeping your canine companions fit and happy for a long time, give them the care they need. Yes, this should start with proper grooming and giving them the essentials they need, such as treats, beds, and a dog robe. Aside from these basic ones, the following insights might also help:

  1. Keep them safe.

As you would for your loved ones, upholding the safety of your pets is also a must. A dog ID tag is a must-wear item. Or if you prefer your pets to stay at home, be sure to secure them in a cage or with a leash. This will help control their whereabouts around the house.

  1. Choose the right grooming products for them.

As much as you’d love to buy your pets a chic dog robe, you should also prioritize the quality of their grooming products. Opt for those hypoallergenic ones to maintain your pets’ hair for them to look gorgeous. Use the right conditioner apt for their hair to ensure they won’t shed off frequently. You could also use fragrances to keep them smelling fresh, especially if you’ve invited guests at home.

  1. Take them for a walk regularly.

Regular exercise is a must for dogs as much as it’s a must for humans. By taking them for a walk, they’d be able to explore other surroundings aside from the outdoor area at home. Or if they’re still young, placing them in a doggy stroller and taking to the nearby park might help. See more at Bitch New York

  1. Avail of preventive health care for them.

Availing of pet insurance would be wise. Parvovirus, rabbies, distemper, ticks, and parasites are the common health conditions dogs experience. But with the right coverage, you’ll have some form of financial support whenever your pets experience these health conditions. A coverage could also cover vaccinations and regular checkups. These are great preventive healthcare services that could save you from costly pet medications and hospitalization. It’s also good to buy durable dog carriers for you to have an easy way to carry your pet during emergencies.

  1. Be cautious with their diet.

Your dogs’ foods and eating habits could also affect their lifespan. Regardless if they beg so adorably for the following foods, don’t ever give these to them for the sake of their health:

  1. Grapes and raisins
  2. Onions and garlic
  3. Fatty meat and bacon
  4. Salty foods
  5. Chocolate
  6. Raw eggs, meat, and fish
  7. Milk, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products.

It’s also good to just shop for dog food and treats, instead of giving them your leftover foods. Doing this helps ensure that they’re nourished well.

Your pets deserve the care they need for them to enjoy a long and healthy life. And you need not worry about where to get the pet care items you need, be it the dog robe, treats, clothing, and grooming products. You can easily browse the online store of Bitch New York, place your orders, and have the products shipped to your house. For more details, check it out at: https://bitchnewyork.com/collections/dog-robes

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